Lake Victoria Gold consists of a diverse group of people with complimentary experiences and qualifications.

Welcome to Lake Victoria Gold

Vision, Experience and Local Knowledge

Based in Australia with its subsidiary Tanzoz Minerals Ltd in Dar es Salaam, Lake Victoria Gold Ltd is operating multiple exploration licenses to locate gold in mineral-rich Tanzania.

Our stakeholders’ extensive mineral exploration knowledge combined with local business partnerships means that investors can be confident of the ongoing expansion and long-term success of the company.

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The Imwelo Project


In Feb 2013 Lake Victoria Gold Ltd (LVG) and Tanzoz Minerals Ltd (TML) signed an agreement with General Exploration Ltd (GEL) to acquire PL6294 ‘Imwelo’.

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Current Status

View our Environmental Certificate, Mining Licence, Resource Estimates & Reserve Statements.

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3 metallurgical tests have been completed on Imwelo ore, one on fresh ore, one on weathered ore & the 3rd on a composite sample.

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Significant greenstone hosted gold in quartz vein mineralisation is typically distributed along specific regional structures and at the boundaries between contrasted lithologic and/or age domains.

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