Frequently Asked Questions


When was the company established?
Lake Victoria Gold Ltd (LVG) was incorporated in Australia in October 2011. Tanzoz Minerals Ltd (TML) is a Tanzanian company and is a wholly owned subsidiary of LVG. Tanzoz Minerals Ltd was incorporated in Tanzania in Feb 2008.

Tanzoz Minerals was originally formed to undertake a JV with Zari Exploration Ltd. The JV was an earn in by TML by spending money on 10 Tenements (from 17 offered). In June 2011, Tanzoz Minerals Ltd purchased outright from Zari the 10 Gold tenements in Lake Victoria for USD200k plus 5% undilutable ownership in TML. In June 2011 Tanzoz Resource Company Ltd transferred its 3 Gold tenements into Tanzoz Minerals Ltd.


Why should I choose to invest in Lake Victoria Gold?
Our directors have many years of experience in the mineral exploration industry - please take a look at "Our Team" page. Not only do we have the technical knowledge but we are also have the local knowledge of the areas we are exploring. This means we can engage easily with the local Tanzanian community and have gained their trust and partnership in the many projects we are pursuing.


Where is Tanzania?
Tanzania is located in Eastern Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean, between Kenya and Mozambique.
Why is Tanzania being explored?
Tanzania is rich in natural resources - hydro power, natural gas, tin, phosphates, iron ore, coal, uranium, diamonds, gemstones, gold, chrome, platinum, nickel.

It is the third-largest producer of gold in Africa after South Africa and Ghana. The country is also known for Tanzanite, a type of precious gemstone unique to Tanzania. The mineral sector has slowly increased in production since the late 1990s and major discoveries are announced regularly. Tanzania's mineral industry is still in its infancy with many resources still to be mined and many more still to be found.